Just Peachy Hemp Peaches CBDDY CBD Review

Today we will review the CBDDY Brand CBD. They have sent us some CBD Gummmies to try out and give our honest feedback on. For one I must say we are impressed due to the fact CBDDY is located in AR. Typically we see products from Colorado,  California, and other states similar to those. We received a bag of CBD Infused Peach ring gummies. They are called Just Peachy Hemp Peaches.

I’ve tried a few different brand of CBD Gummies. Here is what I notice is typical for a CBD Gummy.

Most are 5-15mg

CBDDY CBD Gummies are 25mg ea.

Most are around $3 each

CBDDY CBD Gummies are about $2.50 each plus they are stronger

Some CBD Gummies Taste Horrible

CBDDY CBD Gummies Taste Amazing


CBDDY CBD Gummies are pretty Bad Ass. Felt relaxed and slept great! I also ordered some CBDDY CBD Oil after this and will be reviewing it later on!