We have reviewed Arkansas’ Premier LED Grow Light Shop, eXtreme LED Grow Lights and were quite surprised at the quality of their offered brands of LED Grow lights. We reviewed each of their grow light brands below. They have agreed to offer AR Cannabist users a 10% off discount code when you used the provided coupon code included at the bottom of this review.

Black Dog LED

Black Dog Led Grow lights




Since 2010 Black Dog LED has been a key player in the grow light industry and has set high standards for the design and manufacturing of high quality LED Grow lights. They produce one of the highest quality high powered, high yielding, and truly full-spectrum LED grow lights. They have created and Trademarked their Full-Spectrum Phytogenesis Spectrum™. Black Dog LED is a research based company who ensures their customers that each and every commercial grow light made will meet or even surpass your expectations or a 100% no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee. 


The Proof Is In The Big Buds

Above you can view the proof of what Black Dog LED grow lights can produce. This grow produced 1,640 grams or 3.6 pounds of some Fat Buds of Super Lemon Haze. This was grown in a 4×4  Black Dog Grow kit which can be purchased from their official authorized dealer eXtreme Led Grow Lights for around $4,000. This includes every single thing you will need to reproduce a grow like seen in the video above.

Our Conclusion about Black Dog LED 

So it appears that eXtreme LED chose a winner when deciding to carry the Black Dog LED Grow Light line. They have documented many of their grows and use nothing other than their very own offered line of products to produce these breathtaking record breaking grows. So be sure to check out the Black Dog LED lineup at eXtreme LED Grow Lights.









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