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All new user reviews will be moderated prior to being live. Once you have built a strong reputation on AR Cannabist, we will allow your reviews to be made live upon posting. No negative reviews are to be posted as attacking a competitor. If you have a negative review, we may require you to prove you made a transaction with said vendor. This is also true with positive reviews. We may randomly contact reviewers to maintain the integrity of this network for all users who trust us to provide honest reviews on Arkansas Medical Marijuana related business.

The order reviews are placed may be affected by advertised listings. Just because a listing is displayed higher does not necessarily mean it has the most or best reviews. Any statements made which seem as if we believe one provider is better than another is strictly marketing and should not be valued over verified  user reviews. We may accept monetary compensation to promote certain businesses or services. Please see advertising for more information regarding that.

Review Removal

If any review insinuates a healthcare provider is breaking state governed and mandated laws, it will be removed. Absolutely no comments that could jeopardize a medical physicians license.

Any post that includes racial slurs, derogatory comments or accusations will be removed and poster will immediately be banned from AR Cannabist.


The AR Cannabist Arkansas Medical Marijuana Forums are designed for members to take part and communicate with other like minded people in the state. We encourage all members to signup and become active in the community forum.

What the forums are not

The AR Cannabist Medical Marijuana forum is not a hangout for you to sell marijuana or any other substance. If it is reported by law we must take action and ban you from the forums. We do not heavily moderate the forums so we put faith in the community to ensure it remains safe and available for everyone to use for a long time.

The AR Cannabist forums are not a place for you to spam with posts inviting folks out to your new dispensary, Dr. Office, or website. If you want to advertise your business, we have very affordable advertising options. We are very strict on this policy as it devalues the space reserved for paying sponsors. We do not mind promoting your business, but we require you to take the proper measures to do so. z

AR Cannabist is a privately owned community and we are in no way affiliated with any local, state, or federal government agencies. All legal information found here posted by us comes directly from state or federal government agencies. They are not meant to be taken as legal or medical advice. The owner of AR Cannabist is not a licensed medical physician nor attorney. Any legal advice should be presented to an attorney who specializes in your particular area.


AR Cannabist is a firm believer in privacy and we promise to not disclose your information to any source other than our partners who may contact you if you have requested a medial eval. to obtain a legal Arkansas Medical Marijuana card, legal and established medical marijuana dispensary partners, We store cookies to ensure a fast load speed, user friendliness, and to track possible affiliate offers for up to ninety days from your first visit. This information is solely used for the health and longevity of this site and research to make it more user friendly. AR Cannabist may email you regarding news and updates related to Medical Marijuana or related services. You may opt out of marketing communications at any time. We do not spam or send multiple emails per day. Typically we send out one newsletter per week and possibly one additional email if something happened we believe you would like to know.


AR Cannabist does allow sponsors to advertise on our site, our blog, our newsletter, and our forums. Please contact us to inquire about various opportunities and costs.


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